Download code from

or clone git repo

$ git clone

Then, simply run

$ python install

This downloads all dependencies and data files, and creates the command line scripts.

The python package setuptools is required to install SpecMatch-Emp. If not already installed on your system, run

$ pip install setuptools

Minimal Install

As of v0.3, it is possible to install SpecMatch-Emp without downloading the full library. This will allow only the shifting code to be used.

$ python install --shift-only

Software dependencies

To install

  • setuptools
  • wget (facilitates downloading files).

Python Packages

To use SpecMatch-Emp:

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • matplotlib
  • h5py
  • astropy (>=1.3)
  • pandas (>=0.18)
  • lmfit (>=0.9)

To build library: - astroquery - isochrones

Data Files

These data files are automatically downloaded upon installation.

  • library.h5: the HDF5 archive of spectra.
  • hires_telluric_mask.csv: mask of telluric lines in HIRES spectra
  • detrend.csv: parameter calibration info
  • nso.fits, j26.532_adj.fits, j72.718_adj.fits, j59.1926_adj.fits spectra used as wavelength standards