Empirical SpecMatch

Empirical SpecMatch, SpecMatch-Emp for short, is an algorithm for characterizing the properties of stars based on their optical spectra. Target spectra are compared against a dense spectral library of well-characterized touchstone stars. A key component of SpecMatch-Emp is the library of high resolution (R~55,000), high signal-to-noise (> 100) spectra taken with Keck/HIRES by the California Planet Search. Spectra in the library may be accessed by a convenient Python API. For non-Python users spectra are also available monolithic memory-efficient HDF5 archive and a la carte as individual FITS files.

Code availability

The SpecMatch-Emp codebase is availble on GitHub. Simply clone the repository and run python setup.py install. For more details, go to the Installation page.

Basic Usage

The most basic method of using SpecMatch-Emp is to run the command line script:

smemp specmatch rjXXX.XXXX.fits

This performs the shifting and matching process, prints the results and saves it into a .h5 file which can be read by SpecMatch.read_hdf() in python.

For more details on using the command line interface, visit Command Line Interface. For a more general usage primer, check out the Quickstart page.

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